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Wood Floor Cleaning And Polishing Completed With Great Results For Mietzner Group

We just completed a wood floor cleaning and polishing job for Aspen Meadows,  a property managed by Mietzner Group.  Someone had previously applied a mop and glow product and the result looked as if the floors were ruined.  Sound Cleaning Floor Technician, Bill Chalmers was able to machine scrub the floors to remove the mop and glow, wax, scuffs and marks.  Then the floors were buffed with a polishing pad and floor polisher to bring back the shine.  The results were excellent as you can see by the before and after photos.

Nancy Brien with Mietzner Group had this to say:  “Our great wood floors looked filmy and unsightly. I wondered if they could ever look right again. After using Sound Cleaning for the cleaning and polishing process, they look so good now, they look new.”